Laser Dentistry, Snoring Treatment & Facial Aesthetics


The introduction of Lasers has revolutionised dentistry and significantly improved treatment outcomes, as well as enabling the introduction of new treatments that were previously not possible. Laser treatments are less painful, more precise, with less bleeding and faster healing than many conventional treatments using drills and scalpels.

Dental Treatments With a Laser

Perfect for patients with dental phobias, laser dentistry is minimally invasive and extremely effective

Laser Treatment for Snoring

Lasers can offer a gentle, effective, minimally invasive treatment for snoring by tightening the tissues in the oral and nasal structures

Laser Facial Aesthetics

Lasers can tighten the skin without the need for botox, provide fuller lips without using filler & even remove unwanted hair.

Finance Options & Plans

Find out how we can help with finance options to spread costs & monthly treatment plans to cover routine care

Additional COVID-19 Precautions

Patient safety has always been important to us, now we've added more safety measures to protect you during this time

Dental Treatments With a Laser


As well as conventional general dental treatments offered at Twenty Twenty, we are pleased to be able to
offer the following minimally invasive laser treatments:


  • Treatment of Dental Decay – Lasers are ideal for gentle, effective removal of decay because they are precise, selective and kill the bacteria that cause decay.
  • Root Canal Treatments – The Lightwalker Laser can be used to effectively and gently disinfect root canals – it is faster and requires less destructive preparation of the tooth and canals, improving the outcome of treatment.
  • Treatment of Gum Disease – Using a laser has the potential to improve results and can even result in regeneration of the bone and tissues that support the teeth.
  • Laser Treatment of Periimplantitis – Lasers can be used to effectively remove the bacterial deposits from the implant surfaces, and improve the chances of bone regeneration in some cases, particularly when bone grafting is carried out.
  • Laser Depigmentation of the Gums – Lasers are a straightforward way of removing some forms of unwanted gum pigmentation, with rapid recovery.
  • Flapless Gum Surgery – Lasers can be used to recontour the gum (e.g for cosmetic purposes or to enable tooth restoration) without the need for scalpels and sutures.
  • Tongue Ties – Lasers are ideal for the treatment of tongue ties in infants, children and adults and can be carried out with minimal or no anaesthesia.
  • Orthodontic Treatment – Lasers can greatly assist orthodontic treatment in several ways: Laser photobiomodulation can reduce the pain and speed up treatment. Lasers can be used to gently remove a fleshy frenum in the case of an upper midline gap(diastema) prior to orthodontic closure or simply to aid natural closure. Lasers can be used to quickly and safely remove fixed orthodontic brackets in a fraction of the time that it usually takes, with no damage to the underlying enamel.

Laser Treatment for Snoring

Snoring is an increasingly common problem that can affect people of all ages. It is also often associated with sleep apnoea when the affected individual actually stops breathing during sleep and can be the precursor to sleep apnoea. Snoring doesn’t just affect the health of the snorer, it can disturb the sleep of our loved ones, and can cause relationship problems as a result. We now know that sleep plays an incredibly important role in our overall health, and there is evidence that sleep deprivation is associated with an increased risk of developing diseases, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, and Alzheimers.


Snoring is due to an obstruction to the smooth passage of air in and out of the nose during sleep and can have several causes. Lasers can offer a gentle, effective, minimally invasive treatment for snoring by tightening the tissues in the oral and nasal structures. It can be used as a standalone treatment, or in conjunction with other treatments depending on the causes of the snoring.

Laser Facial Aesthetics


Lasers have enabled us to achieve some fantastic results to help our patients achieve their goals, without any need for needles, fillers or surgery. Please see below for the range of laser cosmetic facial treatments on offer here at Twenty Twenty…

  • Lip Plumping – Lasers can be used to improve lip volume with no need for needles and fillers, resulting in a natural look.
  • Light Facial Peel – Ideal for rejuvenating the skin with minimal after effects. A good introduction to laser facial rejuvenation.
  • 3D Facial and Neck Tightening – Lasers stimulate and tighten skin collagen without the need for botox and fillers, or can be used alongside fillers for optimal results. The effect of laser treatment is now known to last up to 12 months.
  • Thread Vein Removal – Laser treatment of thread veins is quick with great results.
  • Facial Hair Removal – Facial hair can be removed quickly and easily using lasers and the results are long lasting.
  • Removal of Vascular Lesions – These commonly occur on the lips and can be very quickly and easily removed with rapid healing.
  • Treatment of Crow’s Feet Around the Eyes – Fine lines and sagging skin around the eyes can be treated using the non invasive Fotona Smoothlase procedure.

Finance Options & Treatment Plans

Affordability is key, especially given the current climate! So making our care available to suit everybody’s budget, is of great importance to us – after all, your oral health shouldn’t suffer for any reason. Our flexible finance options help you to spread the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly repayments, keeping you in charge of your budget. Our finance loans are also 0% interest, meaning you won’t pay any hidden fees or any additional costs, you just pay for your treatment and that alone!


We also offer our patients a pay-monthly plan to cover their routine dental care, ensuring that you receive the correct amount of visits to maintain good oral health, whilst also saving you money in the process. For more information on our monthly treatment plan or if you have any questions about our finance options and how they can benefit you, please click the button below and submit your information for a call from our friendly team.

Additional COVID-19 Precautions


With dentistry being in the medical sector, we’ve always taken extra care to protect the safety of our patients and members of staff on a daily basis. However, given the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve increased the amount of protocols and precautions to help protect the safety of everybody in our practice.

Some of the changes we’ve made to our appointments include:


  • Our staff wearing additional PPE
  • Additional cleaning & sanitisation of surgeries
  • We ask for our patients to wear a mask upon entering the surgery
  • Additional health screening questions will be asked to all patients
  • We aren’t accepting cash payments at this time
  • Patients must attend their appointment alone (unless with a carer)
  • We ask that patients arrive for their appointment on time so that we can maintain social distancing within the practice
  • If anyone with an appointment booked feels unwell, we ask that they rearrange their appointment for a later date

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