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    Reveal Clear Aligners in Salisbury

    Reveal clear aligners (or clear braces) are an alternative teeth straightening treatment to traditional orthodontics with metal braces. A nearly invisible aligner tray creates gentle pressure on your teeth in certain spots to help them slowly and safely move into correct positions. Over a period of time series of aligners are worn that gradually bring your teeth into better alignment.


    Reveal are efficient, well-made, and affordable. The clear aligners ensure precision fit with their ClearWear™ aligner material that helps your teeth move as quickly and comfortably as possible. The aligners are discreet, clearer than most other brands, stain-resistant and require fewer attachments with their precision fit and optimized trim heights that provide exceptional control.


    Get in touch with us today for teeth straightening with clear brace aligners in Salisbury.


    Clear Brace Benefits

    Strong & comfortable.
    Reveal Aligners have an extraordinarily precise fit for predictable and comfortable treatment.


    Clear aligners for teens and adults.
    Reveal treatment solutions are available for adults and teens in need of tooth movement.


    The clearest solution.
    The ClearWearTM material in Reveal aligners will not stain or cloud during your treatment, keeping your smile clear, and your aligners a secret.


    Safe treatment by a trusted professional.
    See your local Salisbury Dentist for your Reveal clear aligner treatment.


    Minimal touch orthodontics.
    With no braces or wires to place, Reveal minimizes contact between doctors and patients.

      Clear Aligner Treatment Process

      Visit us for a Reveal smile consultation.

      We will then take records with an intraoral scanner.

      We will generate a treatment plan for you.

      Your aligners will be expertly manufactured as per your treatment plan.

      We will carefully supervise your progress to ensure you get a smile you’ll love.

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